How to get married in Portovenere

How to get married in Portovenere


I’m lucky to live near such a fantastic place, but I also have to say that getting married in Portovenere is not a simple walk, because you have to organize yourself very well, both from the point of view of time management and travel.

So getting married in Portovenere is really a dream, but if you rely on “improvised” photographers who do not know the timing and dynamics, that day can really turn into a nightmare.

The Church can only be reached on foot after a long journey that is not feasible to all species if you have a lot of guests and the elderly, the lack of parking will do the rest.

So be careful to improvise, especially in a DAY THAT YOU CAN NOT REPEAT.


For further information and / or reservations of the church (San Lorenzo or San Pietro):
call 328 3166575 from 8 to 12 (Monday to Saturday)
or send an email to the following address:
Marriage agreement for foreign citizens resident and domiciled abroad:

In addition to the presentation of the necessary documentation (see section “Information” above), foreign citizens residing and domiciled abroad who contract marriage concordee must present themselves in the town of Portovenere at least two days before the ceremony with the documents to the registry office, by Mr. Antonella. Pre-appointment tel +39 0187 794850

Churches are available for weddings from Monday to Saturday.

The church of San Lorenzo is only available for residents in Portovenere.

Non-parishioners must choose the priest who will celebrate the rite and communicate its name.

The decoration of the church and the music are by the spouses, a sober decoration is required, on the altar the decoration must be side, during the ceremony only liturgical music is allowed.

Only little rice or real petals is permitted; it is forbidden to use: pipe shoots confetti, synthetic petals, balloons with confetti and anything else not biodegradable

Please note that for the bride and guests, clothing that is appropriate to the sacredness of the place is required. (Avoid shoulders and back uncovered)

The collection of documents must be done in the parish of reference of one of the two spouses. You must therefore address your priest who will tell you what documents to bring.
The documents are valid for six months.
When the practice is ready it will first be brought to the Curia of your city, then to the Curia in La Spezia and only later to the parish in Portovenere. The prenuptial course can be done at any time and has no expiration date, always contact your parish of reference or the Curia of your area.


ps:   look at a post wedding and trash the dress photography

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